Wednesday, November 15, 2006

you wanna throw me mind blowing
break my brain

cause all was selfish or selfless
or absorbed through spinal tissues
this skin, breath drawn thin
the paper under this pen

well we’ve all lost our damn shoes
whipping around like wind
slinking through these haunted streets
with Cheshire-like grins
aiming to break them all
roll around like mad gods
watch their shiny minds wobble
slip away only to fall back and follow

now in my panic I glimpsed your madness
your eyes were glass on fire
and have never burned brighter
your dreams spilt to the street
as I watched you tare at the seams
to unravel the last string of your fading sanity

well I have to admit
I enjoyed watching you twitch
as you scream about movement and flow
and star lit eye glow
at the top of your lungs
on top of this town
on top of the world
we all want to be heard
to live the dream
extend the peak
and break
because now is today
and tomorrow never starts
without a horizon
a line to guide it
and a sun intense enough
to lead us blinded

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