Monday, November 06, 2006

the mess you sent

Don't patronize me
i'm more than just a pretty face
tonight I saw a fire fly, i named it after you
look at the moon, I painted it orange just like you asked
honey do me a favor
in the morning
make sure the door is locked on the truck
and call me later
In Russia car drives you
I'd appreciate some involvement next time
and tell him please he can't get a man pregnant no matter how hard he tries
you're pretty when you're fixing cigarettes
so please don't hold it against me, i have unavoidable feelings for you
but i promise i wont act on them, they're a byproduct of my life
i do love you but i can love you like a friend and nothing more
dear girl
as long as you don't feed into my disease
everything's gonna be fine, i promise
I want to give you some magick to practice.
Remind me of the middle pillar.
When you're ready to sleep....that's when they cry.
lost without me you say?
No you're not. You're lost with me. fun kisses music poetry wine pretty eyes muse laughter
well i like you babydoll
and I've changed my name to Jocque Ace
this is what i pay you for?
I am strong enough to punch a horse to sleep
and slap some cops!
ah yes the fire place
two boxes of wine = classy
if you want to dream, that's the key thing
the mice the people we know, everybody, i had a moment of grand concern
i just want my children to be happy and successful
I had to kneel on broomsticks to make it go away
I'll just wait in the middle
if that's indeed okay...


Dr. Weezil said...


I love you, silly bunny.

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