Friday, November 24, 2006

just a girl

exactly one year ago to the day....

the same house
same chair
same keys
same cat
same parents sleeping
and that same strung out feeling
sick broken overtired cold wet weak

every face I saw tonight was either new or re-newed
rode with good ol’ hats and hare flyin everywhere
the man dances all night and some mad glowin eyes behind a megaphone once told me to
just get in the car girl

so i did

and i will

and i do

and will continue to

exactly one year ago to the day....

i walked for the first time
heel toe to hop

so we write
for our reasons, causes, feelings
and about the change of seasons
....sometimes about groundhogs

and with all the love i have for all of you
your passion and madness

exactly one year ago to the day....

i am a causality

i just met you all in a bar
(or on a couch if you’re a cow...)

i don’t like bananas

i hate red wine

i am just a girl

and i’m going to vomit


Apotheosis said...

you met me a 'million years ago girl, at a grade-shcool, on a powder blue day, and I think I said...whats wrong with yr hands?

Lilly said...

...and my responce was surely...nothin! they've just got yer face all over um!

he he he

and i knows how long agos we met!
check the archives...back to my first post and notice the date....