Wednesday, January 17, 2007

One Last Visit to the Vomitorium

I have memories of you and I rolling around my kitchen floor
Paul Simon singing about crazy love behind it all
your strong yet subtle kisses
your eyes when you want more
the finest moments from your heart
laughing so beautifully loud
turning everyone's heads to yours
your shyness
the causal modesty you display
while spreading the butter on thick
the way you start your numerous stories
the ones you repeat that I pretend to forget
you clearing your throat
my window up
your bare feet
the holes in your clothes
the years in you hair
the size of your hands
the light as you stare
over your cup of tea
watching me
everything you've never said
all that you've implied
the smell of you left in my bed
oh honey how we tried

every time you made me smile
all the times you smiled back
and all those Jersey miles
a changing coast could never crack
so to say I only want you
in the hands of misery
is by far an understatement
a huge discrepancy

I want you when the morning breaks
I wanna hear your snores
I wanna wake you up and help you
get your cranky ass out the door
I want to watch your eyes wander
over every attractive form
I want to take you in and mend
all the seams that have been torn
I want you brutal
I want your sting
I want you gentle
I want your honesty
I want each and every angry tear
I want you smiling
I want you when you fall
I want you when you sing
I want you to listen
to your own damn heart for once
I want you to look up
and truly notice yourself
you're so damn beautiful
I want you to shine
I want to make more memories
with a dearest friend of mine

I want part of this cazy love

I want to have memories of you and I....

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