Monday, January 15, 2007

you may have read this before

Seventy three million six thousand and five years ago a celestial ruby was found by a space pirate in some of his booty. The pirate traded the ruby to a tyro shaman girl for a strange flower whose nectar could cure erectile dysfunction. Upon receiving and ingestion the nectar the space pirate promptly took the young shaman girl, dark and stormy looking but not unattractive, to bed with him. Their union was so intense and sky shaking it crossed the supernatural. During the climax the ruby shattered into sand and flew out into the universe in all directions.

Three thousand years ago in the city of Lost Ideals a small stuffed bunny was made by an albino prophet with a penchant for rum and tan women. Deep within the Bunny was placed a ruby so small it could be mistaken for a red grain of sand. The bunny became a sentient being of great lunacy.

Two thousand nine hundred and seventy nine years later the albino prophet lost a drinking contest to a short red headed woman with a peculiar accent that, as the contest went on, shifted and changed to sounds almost unintelligible as language. When the Albino regained consciousness the woman was asleep on his work table with the Bunny clutched to her chest. Though she appeared to be at least in her early thirties the albino thought her so innocent and pure cuddled with the rabbit that he fell deeply in love with her. He woke her with a kiss. She rose silently, walked out of the shop and into a large glass egg. She and the egg vanished.

Twenty three years later I woke up next to a stuffed bunny named Jonny. I wake next to him every morning as I have done for twenty two years. I kissed him goodbye and pinched his ear lovingly before I went to work. He smelled a little like honeysuckles.

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Mac said...

you truly are mad, darlin'