Sunday, January 21, 2007

eh, not much else but a mind wobble

wearing last nights face like a smiling broken child
my mournings mirror cant tell the difference anymore
between our days and nights lives
made-up relations creation of complication
you're a waver to awaken
and the silence sometimes is
missunderstood or miss-taken
never the less my road is nowheres end
and endless recollection moments
at casualties hands
little rivers cutting through grand mountains
leaving footprints on the land
a musical bumbardment
lasting like burning souls and dancing feet
i've loved and smashed time
just to fill it with jam
to feed this souls groovin beat
never the less my road is nowheres end
so toast to then and tomorrow now
lift up yer cup
take hold of yourself
love what you love
live what you learn
dream eat dance scream
be fucking be fucking

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