Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Don't worry

Before the gods there was force. You don't remember this time, you were sleeping. We could never understand the awsome whole being of the primordial notions that exist and encompas the universe, though they were assigned the features of mankind, and named Uranus, the sky, and Gaia, the earth. And in the midst of creation Gaia bore the twelve titans. The titans of myth were concepts brought to form. And they rebelled against the sky. Cronos used a sickle fashioned from the flint of his mother earth to castrate Uranus. Later the ideas of the Titans solidified, and gave birth to the gods of finite dimention, fixed in physical space.

While the titans existed as the abstractions, the true being of Time or Ocean, there were also now gods. And they rebelled. Led by Zeus, the gods wanted dominion over the world like diamonds shaping each other. Eleven years of war ended with the gods gaining controll over their titan parents and imprisioning them in the underworld.

Anyway, the whole "Old Blogger - New Blogger" thing is kinda like that, only not as exciting. New Blogger won. But you should all still be able to sign in, even if you don't see your name on there right now. I think once you sign in it'll come up.

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