Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chess anyone?

they say it's coming out of me in chunks
smothering breath and lungs
bringing out all the electricity you try to sell on the street
it's not for sale
and neither am i
i'm not another face
i've got the only one for miles around
and could anyone deny these re-movie arms?
i'm coming out in chunks broken on ceramic apexes
i'm throwing up the blood everyone's been feeding
there is no celebration for those witnesses
no birthdays and Jehovah knows no transfusions
the difference between us (not the watchtower, me and YOU)
is that I do not speak to my reflection
I only look and wonder
I wonder when I'll meet that man

so they say it's the walls
the walls, the fucking walls
too fucking tall for anyone to reach past?
i think i'm not the one you've got wrong
the walls tumbled like jericho
and left standing in the middle
was a girl so small
with a chess board in front of her
and no one to challenge
so she built an entire kingdom
pawns and pawns and pawns
pawns and pawns and pawns
pawns and pawns
she appointed her bishops
and enlisted some rooks
tea parties everyday
for everyone
as long as they weren't as real as the queen
but the nightmare came the day she realized
you cannot build a king

but i am no king
nor am i even royalty
i'm just a boy with my own chessboard to fill

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

when you capture the queen, the game is won