Friday, January 12, 2007

choke on life

so it fell apart
pieces strewn about
broken glass reflecting off streetlamps
high nights low-lives
filtering the sediment

oh god this pain
makes me want to cum again
and the concussion
brought on by my own brain
stumbles me through the daylight

you know what rip tide feels like?
when the water's in you
squeezing your lungs tight
a tragic breathless fight
bursting wide your insides

that's you


and i died that time
a washed up child
abandoned like
the lifeless shells
left aside by wayward ladybugs

could you have know what it's like
to have lived so many goddamn lives
to have watched so many beautiful faces pass by
to have known them all in the blink of an eye
to truly fucking FEEL their light

well so i say fuck the cancer!
i know how to smile
and laugh like i mean it
to live or to die and
to truly fucking FEEL


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