Saturday, June 09, 2007

April 15th this year, driving back to the valley from the bay

highway west 80
the 3hr drive home
Saint Steven on the radio
and all today is
satellite broadcasts
trough little electric
streams of forever
the serious radio sings not fade away
and back into Saint Steven
as you suffer through
another attack of yer heart
your heavy cough
getting the better of you
I hold the wheel while you choke

It's a beautiful day
not to be driving away
from that bayside beauty
of life in techni-color dream visions
where the streets sing
and throughout the avenues smells
of tea stink and delicacies
from every country in America
and all the Americas!
lands of far far worlds of countries...

Oh this lovely!
forces you to exert yerself beyond yerself
pushed, willed
up over each dip and hill
excites the nerves
and flows blood proper
wakes you up, leaves you light headed
(and Oh the veiw lord! Forever blocks and to the bay and on on on into the endless ever everything!)
and burning throughout
the sting and snap throwback double-step
down trek, steep speed walk
the well deserved effortless decline

Oh lady SanFrisco
your life and laugh about the days and nights

Oh dear cultured maiden
you've stolen my heart
cleaned out my pockets
left me weak and broke and beautiful in light

Oh bayside beauty
how i will yearn for you
and curse I do
for even through
every attempted excuse
you have won
and just one day gone,
i feel your absence

you whom I love
I have fallen

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