Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i'm gonna paint you a faded yellow brown
yeah like nicotine photographs of love below sea level
roll outta bed to find routine indigestion
i'm a trip in the wind child
everything endless

i've called your attention to the stains on my shirt babe to prove once again i've been up to no good
missing you at the end of the begining of your flight
i'm restless burning diesel and panama grey

correct me if i'm right cause i'm stolen broken bruised
and my shattered little dream boat bottoms out around the edges
but i'm trying kid
i'm trying not to get too far from me to get away from you

lonley night rediculous i'm perfect pictures carved in mud
you held my hand through bitterness and now you run the roads....

still theres dirt beneith my finger nails and modesty to boot
i'm alergic to the upperclass and radio sounds like shit to me
so theres hope for all that revolution and stale beer lipstick i miss in the night when i'm callng collect from the 7-11 i used to sleep behind.....

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