Friday, June 22, 2007

effective immediately

i have to delete the the label and go through all the tombs of every walking bit of english to make the correction...otherwise know as time consuming
...and i will, because i care.

i apologise, it must have been the wine
or quite possibly the dawn outside
or my strange selective dyslexic eyes

or a combination
other than it's flaws,
how do you enjoy the new view?

my nose wiggles
glad to see your posties again
dear sf Saint and jersey friend

and even through all the absurd circus shit,
bowties and violins,
that follow in the wake
a maddhares presence tends to create

I hope you enjoyed your trip
because I know of someone who sure enjoyed seeing yer face
no matter how serious it may have been ;o)

remember your dorkdom children
and tell me of yer raw glories
where the vice swings you in it's grip
where you're completely out of yer skin
strange and free
strange regardless

...strange and free

i can't believe you went as far as the space?!....

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