Monday, June 04, 2007

shattered pieces of soul slowly pushing sharp and painful
to the outer folds of this skin leaving red roaring rivers cut in throughout and knowing that when they reach the surface the sun will reflect off those pieces blinding for instants only, making the seen and the seeing wide eyed and willing the soft touch of comfort and true meaning left god! and oh holy! Was it ever really real?...did you feel the electric air and taste the honey thick loving oozing from those open wounds as life keeps beating and beating like hearts and abuse and too much time spent prying eyes open with toothpicks....did you see it too? tell me please for I seek no fooly mirage beauty wavering my subconscious life walk astray! Did you see it! Did it rip you open raw and exposed in your naked child minds for whole colosseums of of seers to view...has it shown to you your pain yet? That stomach ache and rush of heat blushing, contorted facial expressions, shoulder tension....Did that light smack you in the face then hold yer head and stroke your hair as you cried....Did you feel it?....I think it was the truth...

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