Friday, June 29, 2007

the detailed examination of an insomniacs salvation, cartoons and fastfood

(this letter has been sent drenched with the sent of sweet tea and maddness (that's the way she likes it...))

Hey Hatter!

remember that conversation you and I had
contemplating over what Master Shake says
in the jingle intro/outro
of that purely wonderful
witty and comical
creation of animation?
and you thought he might be singing
which would be quite fitting
for it keeps repeating
"lets sing and loop it"
a clever idea indeed
but in the end
we never came to a conclusion
on what words were actually spoken

well I've discovered
in a re-run
the answer
to our question
"dancing is forbidden"
is what that aggravated
milkshake sings

check out
the "Rabbot"
their first one
for more conformation
and carefully listen
to Shake's dialogue
while he's smashing the jambox
the first time we meet
sweet dancing Meat Wad

love always

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apotheosis said...

My Dearest Hare,

I have checked your facts and marked your sources and dear, as per usual you are correct. I love and miss you. When do you come back east? If it is not before this December please let me know, for I will be taking a trip out west (Denver and Aspen) and perhaps we could hold each other then as friends and be just us again. I am violently single, and burning my candle at both ends. The though of your laid back days in hazy lazy Cali entices and infuriates me. Again I love and miss you,