Friday, June 29, 2007

the migration of butterflies

the dim bar light caught in your hair
like a wicker sunrise
and then
there was
the rest of my life
and I would fall into that vision forever
with your image
fucking my brain
and heart
and day to day

you mess around my mind
like and ADHD child
searching for his birth certificate
just to prove he's still alive
while some lover in the somewheres past
paints your portrait god-like
wide eyed

and they all fall
one by one
at your feet
for you are their king
no matter how moth-eaten
your robe may be

but that crown you wear is your burden
and maybe I 'm the only one who knows it
they see the spotlight you shine in
I see the corners you hide in
their repetitive affection
and your addiction
that draws you in
time and time again

we both know where the other stands
roaming strange and free
through the railroad earth
that's what they love
watching butterflies fly
anticipating where they'll land
maybe this time upon their hand
then the cage comes down
and you are theirs
whithering restrained

well dear I own no cage
our wings are one in the same
and I know your pain
and the only expectation
I would hold you under
is to be YOU as you are
strange and free and winged
with or without me

so I don't paint you like the others
and I put down the phone
every time i feel
my heart flooding with your face
consider it repression
i see it as careful steps taken
but know this dear friend
I bring only the truth
even though I may not be
worshiping at your feet
or dragged behind you
like a rag doll
through the streets
you still haunt my thoughts
and rule over my heart

never ending
a mystery
one for the history books

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