Tuesday, May 30, 2006

for the next ones

Try n’stop the girl with the travelin fingers and wind for hair
cause kid, if you only had the right kinda ears to hear the stories this worn ol’ blue bag could tell you

of memories that smell like locks of smoke
scrapped skin, coffee sting and feeling broke
like the way the back of a neck and fingertips spoke

but I’ve figured out the perfect combination of solution creations to keep in motion forever
Never stop.
you wanna know these stories
cause i got a friend who’ll squeeze yer heart n’squirt lemon juice in yer eye, make you beg more certain disaster then tell ya he’s a myth, that we’re all a myth
and another who’ll pull stars from the sky for a glass o’ red wine a fast ride and midnight dance
one’ll rip the road right out from under your wheels, toss ya into the dusty land with bottle of cheap booze, a tire iron and a pin cushion and tell ya he wants new boots by noon
there’s a giant in tight pants who’ll pierce right through ya, with eyes like super nova, burning holes in yer pockets that you won’t wanna mend
I know a girl with a scientific mind and a wild drunk smile who throws tobacco into fires and prays to the universe
and a bartendin buhda with a bass heart playin with the earth tones and talkin to aliens
you wanna know these stories
the sly cat local shaman, island kings, and river kings, and shoreline dancin queens and karaokie angels livin offa dream smoke and whiskey tickles
singing to an old blue moon,
singing to the jumpin mad twitch under yer skin
drivin on forever
no rest only lust and dust

and you wanna know somethin
I got a queen elizabeth rose with crazy dew eyes in my backyard that hasn’t bloomed in years
well, this year it did
and that aint no dirt lie
you wanna know these stories
with your own eyes!
you wanna see these soul guts
it’ll blow your fuckin mind
right out back yer dull skull
that’s how I go without knowin where the next turn’ll take me
kid, I’ve lived through shit that’d break ya
and I got these stories
you wanna know these stories?

you think you got the right kinda ears

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