Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Light Like Medicine

the girls got a firefly heart
and though fever dream
it’s hard to say
weather that light lights for you

Cause there’s mountain ridges
risin high between
your smoky eyes
and a drifters dream
and like she spoke
those speedway days
full of broken bones
and red wine stains
you were just a candle wick
and she a firefly spark
to shed a little warmth and light
upon a path so dark

Now don’t be fooled
and lose you way
in drifters dreams
and fireflies play
cause whose to know
weather or not
your path rides parallel
with hers
or if it's just
another road to cross
to bring you round to
what you really want

Just know this
darling friend
that a fireflies light
it has no end
so any time
you need a spark
on a lonely road
lost in the dark
grab yourself a firefly
and ask the drifter
for a ride
and you’ll soon see
the road beneath your feet
you’ll know weather
to ride on or not
and you’ll know
exactly where to get off

she’s got a firefly heart
one that burns forever
without stop
so now that you’re on
if you really want off
you're gonna have to
learn how to jump

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