Thursday, May 11, 2006

thinking about your boots

pin-stripes and street lights
holey hats and unkempt hairdos
a man walks into a bar
and he
really WALKS into that bar
and the whole world knows it
not like now
like way back then
in a western setting
hand on his hip and gun
and you can feel the floorboards tremble
over the thought of each step


Dr. Weezil said...

A lot of us who are sporting these clothes don't really remember the years from which they came. Others weren't even born yet. One woman in my class, who spent her younger years hanging out at Studio 54, said she won't even look at the current crop of cowboy boots because she wore them so long ago, when they really were a fashion statement. It's the first time in a long time that fashion and pop culture has very little innovation to offer. We're just recycling the old things over and over. Perhaps next year we will all be wearing poodle skirts again.

Dr.Jones said...

Yeah Joes I could see you in skirt

Lilly said...

Amy and I were thinking of bringing back the whole chimney sweep look.....that and we desided that a snake around the neck also needs to be sported more often...