Saturday, May 06, 2006

throw back that mercury

big sister...
sometimes you’re a mess
and i pick it up
tangled hair
and weak knees
truly silly
without strings
of study
but you’re always beautiful
whether working
hard edges and all
or falling off
the stool at a bar
drink in hand
demanding more
cause all that science shit
you babble and slur a bit
even though, i have no idea
what it is
you’re talking about
you’re still beautiful
so sometimes i bend
for one dearest of friends
i dip i smile i please
in hope you continue to soar
wide with you wings
and strong in your soul
cause you do the same
for me i know
cause you’re beautiful
all the way through

so what i’m really sayin is,
girl, i’ll be your stick in the water
if you’ll be my catus fly larva

1 comment:

Apotheosis said...

youre so wonderful dear