Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Walking in a field

I was walking in the field in my backyard
with my friend Evan.
And if there's anything he knows it's
a shitload about birds.
And he explains only the interesting
things about the birds
Like the mourning dove and how
the sound it makes
is actually coming from its wings,
not its throat.
Or the Grackly whom can make
two different sounds
at the same time.
Who gets all excited before singing
puffing out its wings
and breast spazing uncontrollably.
We talked of Wallace Stevens
his 13 ways to describe
a blackbird
and than we finally decided
that every bird has a poem to it
especially the robin
who jumps around
making it sound
like rain
tricking worms
to the surface only to face
their fate being pulled
from the ground that
keeps them alive.

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