Friday, May 12, 2006

Standing Still for a Change

We loaded up all of our necessary belongings into the back of your mindset
Carted the last peices left behind on my conscience
I never knew why you had that cellophane grin wrapped around your twisted grinder
I'm out the back door and your quick to follow
Put me down or burn me down, I'll be fine tomorrow
Somewhere in this box is a private revelation
A perfect little spectacle hidden in what we can only hope is an answer
If you track me down, I'm running....Maybe limping
But I'm going places and nothing you can poison me with can hold me back
I'm a full out, all-in, primary example of when crowds attack
And I'm standing up and finally standing still for once
So look at me, family, have one last fucking look
As I stand here now with an old rusty blade to my fore arm
Not for suicide 'cause where's the fun in that?
But to get the last image of my people I've always wanted
Shock and fear, but not for your lives or mine
Just for a laugh

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