Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Asheville, NC

While in Ashville, North Carolina,
A very hippie town
where wheat grass juice
pours from the faucets
and the goats are made of hummus,
I climbed a mountain
I made it to the top
but less than half way up
I sat on a rock deciding
whether it was really worth
it, or if I should just die right there

Sweat poured off me and I cursed
my more enthusiastic friends
who wanted to see the whole town
from the top of this mountain.

The rock I sat on was nice
on the edge of a cliff
and when the time
was right it was all just
a simple jump.
I could wait for a bear,
some coyotes, or wild cows
to come and drag me away

but I gathered what I had
left, with the help of a
walking stick and the hope of
an astonishing view,
and made it to the top...

could see for miles...

And all I saw was another mountain
Another obstacle for me to climb
Another obstacle my friends praised.

On top of that mountain
the conclusion I came to:
That beauty is a man made concept,
and man isn't very natural,
Therefore nothing in nature is beautiful.

So give me yer skyscrapers,
yer cars,
and yer smokestacks.
rising in the sky smoke coming out
covering all yer daily sunsets.

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