Thursday, June 08, 2006

In a nation of confusion
In a struggle for identity
In yet another war
In a clash of cultures
In the deeper meanings
In folklore
In time it will be revealed

This war sung
Between two portrayals
Between icons

Shall we go looking as a nation for identity in our folklore?
We would find even in the stories a culture war
Between old hero’s
These mythic men representational of all we are

So there is a war, but no contest, between
Paul Bunyan and Johnny Apple-seed
Frontier folk from a young America

But no challenge is there really
Made literal
Is larger than life industry claiming mastery
So turn toward the man with the ax for strength
And know in him we will be safe

For our other option is simply comic
Planting little tear shaped seeds
With a pot flipped backwards on his head
A silly boy with silly dreams
To feed or shade his countrymen instead
Of more noble things
Like lumber

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