Sunday, June 04, 2006

start a fire with your flames

to take apart a piece of fire
and break it down to flame by flame
would only make the wind blow harder
and flames more smothered by the rain

now a fire's lights much brighter
when those lights flicker over laughter
and fickle flames are bound to rise higher
if they're keep close through darker hours

and even when the flames haved licked
their last taste of morning dew
and all that's left to tell their tales
are embers fading hues

a few take off, on an up draft pull
in search of more dry firewood
to bring back to thier smoldering friends
fresh fuel to start the flames again

with that heat, dormant hearts awaken
and from those flames rise a new creation
and each flame grows high and can't be shaken
cause flames are more elated when it's fire that they're makin

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