Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Beauty And All It's Flaws

I find that under summers glimmer
old friends with their memories
and the beautifully violent sting they bring
fly like fireflies through moister skies
and with each light that blinks so bright
for seconds only to fade in it’s own glory
carries away it’s sad story and it’s beauty
on wings that can never be touched again
because once you’ve stepped over the gentle stream
between conscious living and mythical dreams
into that place of pure innocence and grace
there is only the child that you were
and all the beauty that is in her
shines anew but fragile and vulnerable too
and that child, her smile, can be broken
by each memory that claims itself unspoken
in beauty and all it’s flaws
with lust and it’s claws and the infamously raw
and alone all is gone but an unheard scream on a morose string
where every beautiful firefly stings
a child that owns only a true idea and a song of sorrow
that she may sing in hope of the memories
that she may sing in hope of a more beautiful tomorrow.

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