Tuesday, June 13, 2006

That busdriver was a cunt.
Every single one of us
on the bus knew it.
Hardly a half hour into the
trip and she had to stop at
Burger King for her daily fix.

We didn't understand.
We all wanted to move
as fast as possible.

Some of them home
from the war to see family
for the first time in months.

Here I'm just a Jersey boy
but the people who knew
the Virgina Area knew we took
all the wrong roads. That cunt.

She talked on her cell phone
smiling conversing with
anyone but us.

And like a good audience
for a bad opening band
we heckled.

"Get off the phone"
"Don't go this way, you rag"

She gave us dirty looks
and we hid behind the seats
I guess embarrased by our
and we looked at our watches
and we took it
as we waited for the next band.

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