Sunday, June 04, 2006

the shapeless shapes in-between tear blur

If there could be one moment
where you didn't cross my mind
I think I'd live forever in it
and leave the rest behind
cause I don't think
no, I truely know
that mark you left upon me
is a scar that runs real raw
and no matter how I try to fade you
from the corners of my heart
I can't seem to dull the rougher edges
to make your memory less sharp
and it's times just like these dreary days
where once you'd be the one
to hold my head tight in your arms
while I cried out all the pain
but you are just a memory
one that refuses to wane
and my own arms are my only comfort
and no tear is cried in vain
cause I don't believe I've really wept
since last I saw your face
but I'd really like to mend that now
and let every single tear cry out
so I can breathe in the fresher air
without the blur of you that lingers there

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