Wednesday, June 07, 2006

drunk slaughter

there was a monument in the night
the venezuelan cana
having shown me all the gods and universes
my eyes having gone poor at seeking out
the romances and scents of this world
and my synapses bumbled about the chaos of to much life

but then in the dark and the booze soaked night
i saw thor heavenly and bringing forth promise of sight

when the truth of plutonium tongued brotherhood
echoed in my ears and one thousand tomorros
overran the night bound train
cluttered with hobos and truth
and the fantastic visions
of a million humankind transcendensces
i realized the crossroad
of every moment
and every girl
and all we promised ourselves to be
in the mourning
and there in the daylight of mindset
and coffee was all the fists
full of mercury of ten million tomorros

with an army of countless beercans
and suicides
and global truthseeking missions

when i saw the mormon wagon train
and the ak 47 pointed straight down my eyes

through the lens of all human past and today
i tasted human ness

you could feel the fog on the tip of yer tongue
cuz language binds the soul
to a hell self controled
and tin encrusted

and the dreams we dream are whats left
of psychedelia

and thats the death
and theres a billion deaths
left to die

we wasted life
why wouldnt we waste the afterlife
in the night
in the goddamn afternoon
of all human existence

what could we become here on
this whirling ball
in the possibility of it all

and i cant even give up
the wherewithall
of the godhood moment
to send my poems to publishers
because of the flaws of a race which left the trees

so there in the sunset of yesterdays
and dreamrays
solutions come in phonecalls
un der unholy starlight

bring me the promises of my childhood
the promises of ginsberg
and all the prophets
bring me the promises of tigers in the brush

and i cry for all the chimpa

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