Thursday, April 26, 2007

22 (with more to come)

I've collected 22 years of social indifference
22 years of neglected enlightenment's,
mind flips brought to life with
massive amounts of sassafras
For good Lords sake I've just recently gripped
the concept of perspective
and then I forgot it
and I'm a goddamn artist
so a barrel of monkeys
had me convinced of
and to tell you what
I don't think they have any idea
what they're babbling about

22 years of painters block
canvas upon canvas stand white as starch
completely untouched
not even a drip off the brush
every image of inspiration
each conceptual thought
trapped in my cranium
under padlock
and a misplaced key
Well at least
I 'm not a writer without a pen
wandering drunk in the night on the streets of San Fran
searching the bottomless pit of my bag
for any utensil to record
the overflowing rambles that
I know I won't remember
when the day breaks through the windows
forcing itself upon my retinas
begging my tattered body to "get up"
and start this shit all over again
Oh yeah, that's right
I am

22 years of monkeys screaming
be better at what we know you can be
22 years of head trauma and backache
22 years of heart break and mind rape
22 years and wasted tears
so many now I'm all dried out
22 years and I'm a laughing cynic
a romance critic
22 years and I don't know what love is
or where one would find it
22 years of monkeys
22 years on a short leash
22 years of prayers and pleas
searching for the direction of release
bringing 22 more of peace
I hope at least

I am 22 years only
completely cocked
3 in the barrel
with 1 shot
aiming for 23
1 to blast into infinity
and the last
to knock those goddamn monkeys
offa their feet

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