Thursday, April 05, 2007

the other 1/2 of the message ment for face/dailey : A Quick Whip Into Out Of Control

...the coyotes are raggin it hard tonight waking up and making the sheep scream with might and the hounds, well they don't like any bit of all it so they throw out their fists grit and howl out of tune while sparks off canine tooth burn a hole through their wool...and when the dust stands still with the hum of the night by its side, the bottom of a bottle one more than last night, just another disco dog fight down the hall till yer right...aware the girl is in town and it's rare she'll let you down, we're going big it's New Years and the kids aren't home crack open the bottle thats all ready half gone grab a glass and the keys, there's more where that one came from....1/2 in the bag (or sack) and tweeked to yer toes, loaded up hoovering above yer own shoes, that fuzzy wool warm shiver streching around in yer bones, everything shines like the glimmer reflected off the heat waveing river of road, lingering ciggarete smoke back lit by the light seeping through tiny cracks in the roof, the full moon in a cats eye...stalking fireflies holding high lit crystal-like rims of glasses filled well with wine...wathching moments in time expode like fireworks and falling stars...a white hot dolop of whipped up delight over orange chocolate cake...

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