Sunday, April 29, 2007

On my suburban rooftop

In a funny story
You and I
Sat upon the roof
And giggled to ourselves
As my cousin came and came again
Drunken in the cars that let him off
Over and over the clown that he was
Stumbling through the night
And from our camera angle vantage point
We shared the curious sight

But many have sat and watched the hood
Go slowly to an fro
We let our eyes fall suburban
We stepped out
And we let go

So to those of you who
Have shared my rooftop moments
I say there is change in the wind
The roof is mine no longer
But I’m sure something else begins

You have shared
You have sat
On my roof top, and pondered with me
The meaning in the colors of day

And YOU!
You have enjoyed with me the giddy moments of girls
On this rooftop
And photos have been taken
And laughs have been shared

And it is only sad then
That this rooftop
Will be mine
For two more short, short days


Mac said...

I love that line...
"we let our eyes fall suburban"

Lilly said...

hmmm...I find it somewhat significant, that out of all the years we've spent dancing and dreaming, laughing and singing, falling out of step then back into it...that Hares tail has never felt the air blowing across yer sacred rooftop...that we as WE have never sat in the night sipping tea like two mad queens towering over our city...watching it spin below our feet...hmmmm

...come live with me here...i see yer face everywhere and i miss you my dear...oh fiery Native...come to my ocean and tell her of her sister Atlantic back know her grace, where my words would fail to do her justice...come swill cheap wine with me under my blanket of stars...they are woven thick and will keep us warm for eternities...we'll trample around making love to life...share our thoughts on lovers and losses, watch our children blossom together, plant and create and grow extremely brittle beside one another...our husbands snickering about our madness in-between throwing us loving compliments...lets last forever...essences captured in the words we write...for dear, alone I'm just a rabbit white who's never on time...but with you by my side...I'm madder then ever! A Hare by her makes the (less?) most sense...change places...move down move down move down...lets scream and drink tea madly from a million rooftops and call it by it's full name...