Wednesday, April 04, 2007

todays lesson: classroom hues

Of ways i've learned the west coast
amongst personal reflection and through third-party perspective

today I used pieces of wheat grass like paintbrushes,
for the finer lines of life's details
and tiny stones around the pump house, (my current canvas)
make for great shaped impressions
...looking around, past the strong tea, cheap wine and the pot smoke sneakin about my mind...
a piece of the earth comes to realize
that she can utilize, and in turn affect, the surrounding aspects of her life

feet bare, I walk over rocks
it's the way you move without thinking that helps push through sharp feelings, or just avoid the harder ones compleatly
and the live oak leaves are no match for these feet
their prickling edges crumble under leathery weathered soles

time makes itself and you can use it to yer advantage as often as you like...
finding it is where most folks get lost

bananas are indeed is banana bread, homemade
(aside: i enjoy almost all loaves, on a whole.)

I'm leaning to throw my shoulders back often
most of the day really,
and in the evenings
crossing the yard with a hot cup of Mate
passing gently over the stones
avoiding the only real threat (besides an occasional hovering helicopter and the pesky root-munchin gophers)
the phantom rock hidden from the moons light
not directly on the path, but close enough
to elude yer eyes where the other side is just a trip away

energy spent possitively delightfuly works

women are a different species
i don't need to be a man to acknowledge this
in a manner of opinion
for it's sake i guess
and clovers have the most truly beautiful miniscule flowers my eyes have ever seen
plain in color maybe but sturdy, detailed professionally, delicately

the sun will shine if you ask her to,
ask nicely is all
and if she doesn't feel like showing up
the moon is always not far off
waiting for his turn to shed some light

it's nice to know that in some places
water is still free
and wine and champagne and bottom shelf bourbon are still pulled straight from the bottle accompanied by a smile and an occasional escaping drop down the corner of yer mouth rolling off yer chin falling and collected by the earth...or your shirt

I 'm learning,
it really is the little things.

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