Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Flashbacks and Friendship

below my left hand shoulder blade
the spontaneous warming tingle lingers
forever, leftover
from the last liquid hit
stuck fast to my spinal column
and i have all these memories
that fade in and out of realities
reminding me
even after all is lost or stolen
identities and special things,
treasures of love and friendship
irreplaceable items
gone to the gods or sticky finger tips
in strange hours
this warming reminds me
they are just things child
and no one can steal your memories
when the bonds you've made
are all you have left
and the broken dawn is at your door knocking
you'll welcome him in with his sorrows
and cradle his head until he slips into sunrise
for no lion or mouse is refused admission
and there is no currency of heart
other than a hand to hold
and this warming feeling
my bane, my blessing
is all I need
the rest are just...

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