Monday, July 09, 2007

Pitfalls in Sand (a post for a friend)

I'm posting this for my very great friend Chad.
It's a rather selective poem and you really had to be there to understand where the inspiration for this piece came from....this poem is a phishy one... ;-)
Regardless, Chad is by far one of the brightest stars in the sky and I am truly honored to be his friend.

Pitfalls in Sand

by Chad Galactic

The beauty you can taste it, you can see it
Always somewhere to go and always someone to go with
Sparkles and glitter, like sirens draw you closer
The best of them can be captured in a poster
On the move, it is time to go
Keep driving faster into the blinding snow
People smiling, dancing and grooving
The entire experience is oh so soothing
Two in the front and your crew in the back
Keep the train moving, never jumping the track
East to west and back again
It becomes your life, your best friend
Here we are, so many people to see
Pushing so much vibe, like you’re on a shopping spree
Passion and love, time and money
It’s so compulsive that it begins to seem funny
With or without you, it goes on and on
You keep on going, following the rising sun
Can’t miss a moment, or even a note
What if they play the song about the disco robot goat
Is it a dream of princes and queens
Floating and swirling, swimming up stream?
Hard to tell if it’s a blessing echoing down the hall
Do I really want to be king of them all?
Capes glitter, sweat and blood
I’d walk twenty miles to sleep and dance in the mud
Twisted and tangled, the millionth disciple to four
Convinced you’re enlightened and that they opened the door
The music takes you further than you thought you could go
Massaging your light and kissing your soul
The voice in your head tells you to follow us
Wondering blindly, the life you had left in the dust
Your mind is melting, you’re in total awe
Busting out moves, there doing things that you never saw
Your high exceeds your aerobic ability
The human disco ball experiment for all your world to see
Impossible to get out, it’s no longer your call
One pull of this magic carpet and all the golden eggs could easily fall
So far in, there is nothing you can do
You would trade your life to follow the musical zoo
The show is over, the longest sustained note will always end
Now were to go, looking for home, always thinking about your long lost friends
Miracled in and miracled out
Even at the end, you can’t explain what it is all about

~*Thanks darling Galactic for the beautiful vibe you emanate!

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