Thursday, July 26, 2007

flying full speed at solid things

The stars must be aligning awkwardly
Like a metronome on a waterbed in an earthquake
Moment by monument
I’m jumping wildly from season to season
And I might be mistaken but when I first woke up this morning I was sixteen
Yes I was sixteen
I felt nubile and fresh
And had the inexplicable urge to fresco my eyes in a pink shimmer shadow
I am of course a full twenty three years of age
According to calendar

… But what the fuck does linear time know?
Between drags of a cigarette or sips of rootbeer float
I’m thrust from Christmas to Arbor Day
From New Jersey to Timbuktu!

All colors and smells
Leaden in some places and wispy in others
It makes me giddy and starry-eyed.

Home run derby

Cunning cupid hits me between the eyes
So that I cannot see who it might be to fall for
And so, I am left in love with it all
In love with today and tomorrow
In love with the music and the mess.

spit-fire seconds go by
Like the pop of an old-time-y flash bulb
Happy as a first time high with someone I only remember as a favorite perfume.
Top down, music loud, on the way to nowhere and wasting no time getting there

Glands brimming
Oh chemical reality how I love thee
Glow, sticky, hot and wet.
Giddy and Silly and Foolish and correct!
A nexus of giggles forever in my throat

I think I might be too chronically cheerful to ever be hip

.Don‘t even bother to ask,
I can’t tell you what’s in my bag

Its not I don’t trust you I just don’t know! Pbbbtttt…..

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Lilly said...

what....what is this? It's absoultly wonderful!