Saturday, July 07, 2007

Idiom Poets and Walking English in Upstage Magazine

Alright kids heres are second appearce in upstage magazine

A poem by the Publisher

A poem by a rabbit in California

and an article on the idiom and walking english previously published in The Stockton NewsPaper by Keith Baird. Check out the three appearances here:

hit up yer local jersey bar and get some copies.

Keep writin


Lilly said...

hmmmm...once again, I am slightly dissatisfied that a piece of mine was chosen to be viewed publicly without my consent...

i don't know exactly who was in charge of selecting the works for publishing....but...once again...I would like to have some say in what pieces of mine get chosen for publication (except for when it comes to the Idiom of course)

...well enough of my whining...I'm very excited that Upstage enjoys our company so much...and within the next few weeks...if ya all are interested in the messes i get myself into out here just google High Sierra Festival photos...throw the word bunny or rabbit or even lotus in there somewhere to make yer search more selective....

love and miss you shits.... more often


Anonymous said...

you did give consent