Sunday, July 01, 2007

the side effects of living heart to heart

a different kind of addiction is mine
one might see it as magic enchanting
a sweet and exciting free style of life
and a Time most enlightening

all that dancing and dreaming and cultural breathing
is music indeed but you must supply the heart beating
to take on life's True meaning
Me, I'm addicted to feeling

I'll take them all
a plethora
from emotional trauma
to Joy something phenomenal

anything really
the Pain raw and bleeding
or that tingling feeling
awakened right in-between
each of yer hips
when the back of yer neck
is broken by Kiss

the tears from your memories
of loved ones lost to tragedies
frustrations angst and apathy
passion, Hope, and souls at ease

Well me,
I'm addicted to feeling
and this lovely fixation of mine
keeps my Soul and soles alike
enslaved to constant wear and flight
forever in search of fresh sight
that is this dramatic junkies plight

I'm driven to movement and consumption
to locate new Lives
to learn their day to day triumphs
and night to night frights
and that child,
is the drug I get High from
adrenalin and serotonin
laughing and moaning

my Vice is unforgiving
and it keeps me bound traveling
from heart beat to heart beat
hands slipping into each other perfectly
folks and their Flaws, their undeniable Beauty
you're all the flowers to my Bee
my Habit is emotional honey

Me. I'm addicted to feeling
it's the blood of my being
and it's torture when you're empty

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