Wednesday, July 18, 2007

for galactic

SF- Alamo Square Park
7/18 this year

You were all the words, midnight lyrics, life sparks that i've spoken to the moonlight...You were the sweetest cream in my coffee black and bitter...You were intense moments of forever...You gave me eyes again to once again cry with...seas of love and kindness...You were honest beauty...A strong hand to block the wind from me...And those hands gently touched me, all of me, from the inside out and warmed my heart...You were comfort like i've never felt...And i've been truly convinced after this whole west mess experience, and in my life and lives before, you were what i've been searching for...You were the hook I'd hang my butterfly wings upon...I am in dept to you and if you only believe in your broken poets heart, one thing from our phishy fling, believe that I have fallen hard, naturally, so much so that I'm just fine with any path you walk away from me or towards my doorstep back in Jersey...Your time is yours and I pray ease finds your heart...You the most beautifully vivid soul I've so far come across...You were...You are...

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