Monday, July 23, 2007

salty thoughts

SF- 7/19 this year,
some small sketch notes of soul

beach side
Park Chalet
sat outside
a breezy day

CG's stay fruity hat
with funk in his game
mourning the coma
his past relationship's in

our waiter's slow
but sweet and shy
just slightly fluttered
by the flare we fly

now slap right back my brain
deja vu's at it once again
ours eyes skipping beats
for fear they might meet

and steals the wonder
of this pure summer
a thoughtless blunder
a lovers tumble

sometimes there are cliff sides
sometime there's quicksand
always there are angels
reaching out their hands

did you look up?
did you ask to be saved?
or was it just coincidence, serendipitous
that you happened to walk my way?

I know yer face
I know your ways
one day or life
we'll find our place

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