Sunday, August 03, 2008

at the customers request

just keep on believing that its gonna get better, its a wide wide world of wacky sports and i can't seem to find the fucking rule book theres fellers dancing and fellers kissing theres a feller in high heeled shoes wearin pantyhose and i feel comfortable knowing that i kinda found the kinda folks i can relate to, unfortunately they dont have the right kinda of equipment to keep my interest beyond parties and conversation, but they know how to dress and how to have fun so i guess its a good thing i stumbled into that bar at 11 oclock on a saturday. no worries, i;m still quite interested in the ways of explosive behavior and come to think of it, the mad ones always had a place in my heart, cause well, we can smell our own..i don't know what the hell you are but i like not knowing until we stumble into a bathroom stall and explore the idea that i may have found the perfect woman, who just so happens to have a penis...what the hell are you talking about

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