Thursday, August 07, 2008

no, i think i meant to say poop

look what became of what its becoming, im so damn out of place in this overcoat
jungles and cities and little green men and women, if you can differenciate....theres a spot where the truth meets what you know and the in between feels like stagnant brackish funk water you'd find in the pine barrens, or in glasses at old greek diners where the waitress is always named flo or inga and has a pen in her hair and nicotine stains on here fingers...where was this going?... oh yeah, im not this angry cynical and mean because they didnt love me enough or because they loved me too much...i think alot of it can totally be blamed on the idea that the told me up was down and back was front and that has a tremendous effect on how you get dressed in the morning not to mention the fact that people are so hard to get out of once you get into them, but alot of folks forget that and dimiss the idea as being childish and ill thought out when really blah blah blah im rambling again..the best moment of 1983 was the one where i came out of another person...face up i might add. i think the point that im trying to make is....get out of my kitchen with all that either allergic or you can't cook and from a hungry perspective i dont want any of you fucking up my spice rack.

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