Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To Superman On His Death Bed

I could hear the sirens
and it felt cold
like coming home
to a neighborhood
that isn't yours anymore
as you layed silent
in the next room
and I knew this was it for you

and I'd like to believe
that you're going on to
a better place
a happy hunting ground
with open arms
by loved ones
wearing white linens

and maybe that is what
I believe
but this world
here now for you
is just silent pain
I couldn't believe
the shell of a man
you'd become

and I realized then
as you bit your lip
grimacing at
aching and
burning and
tearing and
and miserable
that death is
a freight train with
no fucking brakes

I was looking at my future
destined for greath things
like you I think
but doomed by
my own indulgences
and bad habits

but maybe we're the stronger
accepting our fate in death
or maybe
we're the foolish ones
in strong genetic coding
and bullshit
and nonsense
and poetry
and love

the only thing certain
in life
is death

so I say


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