Thursday, August 07, 2008

yeah its vomit but i cooked so i’m not doing the dishes

i'm always smiling
devouring my insides
it doesnt seem to have a motherfucking off switch
im always swallowing the cancer
with a diet coke
i've got my figure to consider

all the poison in the world is mine
i'll dole it out as i see fit
dont beg for more
just come and take it

i'll be sitting on the porch
reading better homes and gardens
jerking off in a rocking chair
shot gun in teeth
with my wool socks rolled to my knees in august


i didnt do it for you
i found a rotten piece and stored it in my special pocket
are you proud of me ma
are you proud of me dad
your faggot son of a bitch
isn't laughing anymore

is it broken stolen robbed and raped
is it lost is it ugly is it swollen
does it taste like me?

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