Tuesday, August 12, 2008

there's so much sky
and I can't watch all of it
with so many constellations
and clusters
nebulas and stars
I get confused

and you ask me if
I ever wonder
are we seeing the same
sides of the moon?

but how would I know?
I twist and bend to see
the shape of Orion's belt
but none of it
makes any sense

I'll call you
to tell you about meteor showers
and the lunar eclipse
'cause those are things
that we both can't miss

and they awaken
that little boy
that's still in me
dreaming of space

and in the morning
he's still with me

other times I'll call you
just to say hello
or I'll tell you all about
cloud formations
or movies
or bars

or about finding myself
bending and twisting under the stars
to see if I can see
beyond the horizon

or about that dream
the one where we're laying in bed
and a truck pulls into the driveway
it's headlights hitting the mirror
in my bedroom
as you begin to pack

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