Monday, August 04, 2008


Guest poem by Kathy Polenberg

for anything sharper than sweetgrass

she's present corn he picks her planecrash tears moreover
he don't nezzle when she's dishoveled wintercold
lapis in a leap year

the lion and they both good at tailgate party
eat major serius minor canines kiss
at a nebula hung off hunters belt
loop in his lap under the summer
horizon is as fast as a rabbit
and she finally did become
that kind of a game where he leans italicized still
life a question
mark her ecliptic candy cane


Mac said...

And then she said "This is what the constellations are up to when yr asleep, kids"

Anonymous said...

its true! that's what I tell them. . . will I be fired?

Mermaid said...

Love this one Kathy! Thanks for posting.