Friday, February 09, 2007

But arn't we all?

I wasn’t made for math you see
I was made to be the mother of characters
I know because I animate their destinies
In my mind
While I drive
And it’s a goofy, raucous, joyful show
These lives I give them
And their movements match my mood
And the songs that stream from the radio

Well I guess I’m just a pop culture casualty
Made for dancing to the next big thing
‘Cause I don’t know shit about reality
I only know the songs We sing

And it’s this wacky way of life around me
That makes my mind a T.V. screen
The idea that life is just performance art
And every day can be Halloween
And when
I find
A slave
to tedium or routine
I feel belittled
Because don’t they know?

I could be their Queen!

But I guess I’m just a pop culture casualty
Just a girl with a hatters grin
Just some yahoo yellin’ whoopee
And laughing madly back

At that mad mad wind

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