Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I spit purple

To think you have to be more attractive to play the part
well not every bluebird is the same shade
I spit purple
sometimes red
what else should you expect from me
the castle walls crumble sometimes
to expose a keep unkempt
and now which road is it
is it that i cant decide or choose not to
every step is a new path
when the ocean recedes make names in the sand
bcause as the water washes what else but a new
blank slate
beginning takes place
i don't want that name to stay
i have too many ideas here
the page will always turn bcause I'm always here for it
as great stories have unfolded in pasts turned future to presents
i pave the way as the ultimate asphalt layer
the untruth told
the new story unfolded
the great eternity made present by some slight of hand
a magician is always right
don't let it fool you though
your always in the midst

Quite often lying awake dreams come to me
i dismiss those i sleep through

the great abyss will always challenge
with challenge comes discovery whether positive or negative
any growth is good growth or else it would b called decay
embrace this fruish
nurture all b/c few kno th truths that mask blind eyesores
and they cant even describe the pain in lettered words
always walk a road whose numbers have been weathered
time knows many things and understanding brings new light
light which may be overbearing
let it blind
for human eyesight is weakened by dependence
which has no place in the individual heart
greatness is more often than not discovered
rather than found
while luck stakes its claim
the work will show when led by stray horses
new footing is earned
speech comes form planets unknown
i hold dearer to memories I've never known
Bcause their truths speak more honestly
I cant tell you which highway runs faster though
bcause I've never chosen that path
if you wish to see the garden before you
then you cant take an aeroplane
don't hold it back
that one instant may mean more than you could ever know
and in that instant you could lose everything
you could have ever wanted to be
even a night w/ a lonely friend
could do more than all those classes or talks w/ experience
you think are real.

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