Wednesday, February 28, 2007

twenty four years ago we stood on the frayed edges of infinity and we discussed possibility
You told me that there would be fear and confusion, and i accepted the challenge
You said there would be pain and terror, and i continued to split cells and form

together we created a finite dimension filled with myths and legends, destined to join the stream that we came from
we called them people, and we called their energy 'thought' and 'emotion', for our hearts to adore
we called their vessels 'bodies', and we made them beautiful, for our eyes to adore
we bound them to a rock and sent them hurtling through space, and i waved goodbye to You as i got on for the ride

the trees, twisting to Your hand, reaching for Your infinite love
even when the sky jadishly whispers "you can never touch Him"
still the rocks melt themselves and spew forth, praying to catch a glimpse of Your exceeding radiance
i have seen that the myths and legends have abandoned their energy,
and embraced their vessels, believing themselves to be creators of their shared dimension
except those humble few, strapped with courage and curiosity
the few brave enough to abandon their vessels and return to the stream
as i will, too. see You on the other side.

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