Saturday, February 24, 2007

We dance our days around each other, you and I
and we dance together sometimes
and at times when we dance, I feel your eyes in me
I notice these times and continue as we were
Then sometimes at night we dance again
a differente dance
after a few drinks were back to where we are almost every time
a drink or two more and you'll forget what you told me
a drink or two after that youll forget how you held me close
to you for those steps
and ill arrest my inclination to remind you in the morning

Because you know.

But youre scared to dance how you want to in the daytime
as long as we hadnt gone for lunch that day
When we dance at night your free of fear
and so am i.
I let it remain this way, because,
for now,
there will always be the next night
dancing to our music
and ill let you tell me again
i know its selfish, but i enjoy this dance at present
if its all the same, id like to ask you over for a movie tonight
but i continue

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