Thursday, February 08, 2007

You and me and the widest of skies
And the most muddled of minds
In some joyous fit
Take to the world like we were made
Just for it
And it, for us, of course

So with every step a fantastic voyage
But every step a tumble too
We could find each other
In a place
Just me and just you
And a compass spinning
As compasses will do
When confronted with things of this nature

Oh! But you’re like the whopping crane
And I’m a kangaroo
And the world can only watch and wonder
What it is we’ll do
When confronted with each other
And let’s just let them marvel…
It’s what you’ve suspected all along
You were born to be a spectacle!

Because you’ve heard the wild winds a’ calling
We’ll I have heard them too
They told me that we were meant to meet
In a place like Timbuktu
And that is where
With a bottle of wine
I will wait for you

1 comment:

Mac said...

god damn

I do love your beautiful words

this one is wild!